Castrate a cat-get a cap as a gift

This is of course a joke. About the cap. I saw once an advertisement on Taganka: "Buy an apartment in Moscow, get a cap as a gift." And about castration, by no means.

And do not grumble, close the page. Scared to grab the groin. Watch with pity for your pet. Or fucking in the monitor, I, alas, I will not hear it. Yes, and I remember the whole set of arguments, led by the owners. I brought my own 1000 times and as practice showed, castration is civilized, responsible and cool.

On the physiology of castration: the operation itself in cats occurs before the blasphemer simply, without pathos. In the background, even lightning does not flash, thunder rolls, the door does not creak, the lantern does not sway and the music of Morikone does not play. 7 minutes after the injection of anesthesia and your cat receives a bonus in the form of a comfortable and long life. In cats, this operation, naturally, is longer and more difficult. But it is not out of the ordinary, especially when this intervention is not prompt (according to testimony), but planned.

On the psychology of castration: do not humanize animals. They will not run in the spring with a cry: "where are they?", They will not put a claw in your back, and even anguish in their eyes will not appear. A completely different level of consciousness allows you not to lament the lost, but not experienced, pleasures.

On the myths of castration:

1. The animal does not become fat and does not become sluggish. Fat and lethargic, it can become from an improper diet and lack of proper attention on the part of the host.

2. The animal does not become disabled, ugly or defective

3. An animal does not become a middle-sex creature. The adrenal glands still work and the hormonal background is present.

4. The animal will not look at you with longing in your eyes or take revenge.

5. The animal will live happily ever after, and not drag out a bleak existence, as it seems to the opponents of castration.

6. A cat should not be given birth "for health", on the contrary, births wear out its body, can be fatal.

7. An animal does not have to leave its continuation on earth. In nature, not every animal (especially a male) has the opportunity to continue in descendants.

8. The animal can and should be neutered early, wait until puberty (6-8 months), birth or unleashing is not necessary.

9. Regardless of the age of the animal (at least 3 months, although 9 years old) or status (untied, untied), the animal will be formed according to the genotype and phenotype. Castration will not affect globally the formation of the body.

10. Early castration - IT IS NOT DANGEROUS. Myths about the underdevelopment of the urethra, the inappropriate development of the whole organism are nonsense. And nothing, except the fear of a veterinarian to do the operation and consider anesthesia, is not substantiated. But the positive from the early castration has statistics, figures, confirmation.

11. Urolithiasis. MKB disease is not a status (castrate is not a castrato), but a genotype or an accompanying one. To this, the animal must be either beaten by a genetic predisposition (from its intrinsic nature to the bloodlines to its predisposition to this breed) or as a secondary in the case of chronic inflammation of the genitourinary system, kidneys, metabolic disorders, and so on.

up to communication, caresses and other things. He is overthinking, he wants and does not understand why he is not given this. Do not be mistaken, you will not provide the cat with ONE of its viscous needs. A cat needs 2 cats a week. And when he knits alone, he already dreams about the second. A cat can have 3 litters in two years. And she wants 4 a year. And if you, as a reasonable master, who understands that frequent matings, childbirths wear out the animal's body, do not give what is required, the animal marks the walls (and cats as well), screams, scoundrel and in general his character spoils in every way.

And our ecology kicks the animal owners to castration. Earlier on a pyometra, veterinarians from all over the city came to see the vine, you are a rarity. And now purulent uterus, breast cancer (in cats as well), uterine cancer is the norm and a common practice. So why bring this up?

And about mating "for health" with catch: "I'll attach them, queue for kittens is worth" I'll tell you a little. When you, for 2 months, feed your pregnant cat in triplicate portions and carry out a triple amount of stools corresponding to the absorbed, then you shake hands with the shaking hands, washing the bloody sheets (because your cat is quite logical to give birth in your bed), feed the nursing mother in four portions eating with the appropriate exhaust, then catch monthly babies who strive to bite the wires, and then there to shit, feed eight-fold portions of the mother and kittens, call "turn on the kittens," which, with their appearance of a desiccant and then bring them, grown, loved, clean to the huckster on the Bird, assuring you that for your 100 rubles she will put them all right (having infected before this virusnyakom, fleas, and those who do not sell at the weekend, they will throw him alive in the collector) - you commit a crime. Do not use the false benevolence that a cat needs. Do not let the cat have kittens. She needs peace, care and love. Cast it all-castrate it.

Well, it's all physiology. And psychology is such that the castrated animal is happy to you and to itself, lives longer, is more comfortable and has the potential to live healthy and happy, it rises many times after castration.

Do not let false morality, myths spoil the quality of life of your animal and yours. Make your animal castration (best of all, early) and live happily ever after.

I bought a cat-get a cap as a gift

Anna Nikitina, nursery "Nostalgie",